About Us

Amethyst is the creator of Wundrwear, a line of comfortable and stylish underwear for women. As a yoga teacher anHeadshot of Amethyst the founder of wundrwear, smiling outside with the sun shining behind herd busy mom, Amethyst was fed up with constantly struggling with uncomfortable underwear that bunched up and caused distractions. That's why she created Wundrwear, to provide women with underwear that not only feels good, but also looks good. Wundrwear is also designed by women, woman-owned, and comes in eco-friendly packaging. They also offer free shipping and support small businesses. When you choose Wundrwear, you can feel good about your purchase in more ways than one.

Why Wundrwear?

💜  Designed by Women for Women

💜  Breathable Fabric

💜  Soft Fabric

💜  Comfortable design

💜  Cute Styles

💜  Eco Friendly Packaging

💜  Woman-Owned

💜  Support Small Business

💜  Free Shipping!